Tuesday, September 26, 2006

the 80's really IS back!!!

it's not just neon colors and leggings and punk classics anymore. i say, whatever gets you off man. just don't bring back the Hammer pants. but aside from that last bit...

THE 80'S IS BACK IN FULL FORCE...seriously.

for the love of...flavor

and you thought nobody liked strawberry above the age of EIGHT. tsk!


Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Loft soft opening

went to [surprisingly] a little sedated soft opening of the new Veranda: THE LOFT at Skyrise Building, I.T. Park. but it was all good, coz by the time i got there, i was already hammered...enough to enjoy myself despite the "passable" halls.

screwed thing was, i already got drunk at some other party BEFORE going to The Loft, but that's a whole different post.

see, if a club is "packed" enough for you to have plenty of space to roll around both in and out of the place, it's already considered sedated that it should be on SNOOZE.

[hell, i even LEFT the FTV/UNO event at Tonic last night!]

clubbing just isn't clubbing without the squeezing your way in to get from point A-B in at least 5 minutes and a bottle of beer in between coz of all the people in the way...some hot, some not.

i was too drunk to recall...much less take photos. but hey, at least i got TWO (very bad) pics that you don't really have much of a choice but to stare at. hehehe


hehehe. this is my drunk concept of award-winning photography. if you look closely, you could see the structure of the place and its two floors. yea, you could say it could be just any other place, and not really The Loft. so you really just have to take MY WORD for it. bwahahahhaha!!!!!


Friday, September 22, 2006

FTV event + me = Cinderella mood

it's before midnight on a friday night, and i'm back at my place from the Fashion TV event/UNO event at Tonic (@ One Acacia Place).

i basically slipped in, and popped out in less than half an hour. which is half the time i wasted getting prepped to look pretty for a night of ogling and drooling over FTV models. not to mention about a quarter more of that time to look for a fucking place to park. and another 5 minutes to walk all the way to Tonic from the unlit crum sidewalk i parked at.

the fact that i'm back home blogging just might answer all your questions how the actual event was...still IS, actually. the only great thing bout the whole thing to be honest, was the DJ was rockin'...

DJ Gil of Tonic is one guy anybody would be lucky to be acquainted with. there's not a lot of DJs out there who don't think they're already at the top of their game and is of (now considered) oldschool Paul Van Dyke caliber...or lately, the superstah Tiesto, when they barely even know still HOW to work it, period.

having a pair of DJ headphones and some snazzy mixing equipment, does NOT mean you're already a DJ, you dumbass!!!! hehehehehhee

but mannnnn, DJ Gil is one of 'em cool ones who try hard still to work on their craft despite the already-existing talent, and the already-honed skilllzzz. he's as genuine as some middle school boy who just got his braces, making the 'rents & teachers happy, giving out candy to everyone, cub scouts, gold stars...(++everything else you'd wanna add to "The Good Boy"). + excellent playlists...always.

and i just have to stop it right there, before i go on any further, turn gay...er (bwahahah) and start yapping on how "cute" he is. and well up on the "OMG 100000000x"s. (hehehe. sorry CC)

wait...maybe i already have? WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!

i'll try to see if i could find good reasons to go back to Tonic. maybe around 1, not sure. if i do, i'm posting pics tomorrow. if not, then there's really not much to miss out anyway. ehehhehehe


Thursday, September 21, 2006

BoomBoom invades The Megadome!!!!

yep...Globelines pretty much still suck, and they still owe me...errr...US for their currently screwed-up services. hence, the zero updates since i dunno...for the past 2? 3 weeks?

bah. it's all good. the connection's back up, but i'm not taking any chances still and wait until it goes back to crap ZERO connection later on (probably...not sure though).

so the past two weeks have been surprisingly great. got some time off from the almost-geek life i've (+++ the rest of the gang) been living since july, and been making rounds all over Cebu. it's good to be back...and i'm just here to fucking brag bout it all.

ok, so there's not really much to brag, but hey...i DID get to go to a few notable kingdoms of cool. ;) ohhhhhhhhhh...say for example, gaining entry to a NO ENTRY and MAJORLY controversial construction site where a future landmark will be plopped on? bwahahahhaaha.

it pays to be good lookin', eh?

ok ok....so it really wasn't much bout good looks. it DID however involve a lot of annoying, whining, persuasion, and off the record...a bit of crying. hehehehehhe. or it was just pure dumb luck that i accidentally bumped into an old friend who's now playing with the big boys and is involved with a little construction thing that the whole city's anitcipating:

the formerly-named MEGADOME, and has been renamed to something that sounds a little more serious. and as all "serious" names go, it's long, dull, and...yea, important.

The Cebu International Convention Center
now let's go play some pictionary...BoomBoom's LEGO style!!! :D

not exactly a major day of mancation, but it definitely helped boost up the testosterone levels a bit. after 3 months of getting daily phonecalls from the girls (TT & especially CC)...man, did i need THIS. SOLAR heat, hardhats, tools, sweat, piss, spit, fartfests, and LOADS OF STEEL.

yep...boys will be boys. *BELCHHHH*

the J-MAN and some random construction guy...
if not for The J, i would've never had my Earl-ass up here before the grand opening. :D

y'see kids? this is why you should've just spent more time playing with those Lego blocks the 'rents gave you than spending it all inside the bathroom jacking off to Madonna's cone tits in the 80's.

that, or Cyndi Lauper, Debbie Gibson...or Michael Jackson and MC Hammer. :D

bah....no worries. y'never know, you could also build your own building someday...one shaped like a cone, in tribute to all the mofos who told you you'd never amount to anything.


Sunday, September 17, 2006


serious issues still on our internet access. if things don't look up until next week, we're switching to PLDT and badmouth Globelines until they pay us to shut up!!! bwahahahahaha!

we can't even upload pics! THAT'S HOW SLOW THE INTERNET HERE IS!!!!!! we might as well just be using fucking DIAL-UP!!!

so it's been a slow week...REAL slow. we've basically just been hanging and scratching our balls waiting for some dumbass technician to drop by and fix the fucking line. to save ourselves from the frustration AND BOREDOM, we've been killin' time just driving around Cebu and spotted a couple of new places to eat, drink & get laid. hehehhee.

it's been a while since we all just hung out and let loose...def nothing wild, mostly just chillaxin' til 2am. sleep...then wake up and cuss again at how "the great Pinoy service" has been treatin' us all down here. for three consecutive days, the crew've been hanging at this new place called SKYRISE at the I.T. Park, Lahug. so far there's a couple of coffee shops, and a great mexican resto...but that's TT's thing, so i'm not gonna talk bout it more. besides, food-talk is boring. i like food. food is good. but blogging bout it just isn't my thing. it involves too much...work. and work is bad in my book. especially when i'm pissed with services that i've already paid for, and when i'm hungry....just isn't a very good combination for any YAHOOOOS. and another pretty ok excuse for not blogging. hehe.

so while at Skyrise, i met up with V, a part-owner of the old Veranda (Capitol area). he told me they've already started construction on the new Veranda. from the "limited" details i've heard, it's pretty smokin'. they're pushing for time, and they want to open ASAP. how soon?

hints: smokin'-hot DJs (in an elevated see-thru booth) from all over, fine (& not stuck-up) dining, the hottest HOUSE tunes, rockin' parties, micro-minis, and superfine ladies of the good south!!

two weeks, and Cebu's back in the running for some (much-needed) GOOOOOOOODDD fun. let's party like it was 1999!!! good food, great booze, hot chicks, dirty dancin', some luvin', and DAYBREAK FUN!!!!!

*photos to follow after this whole ISP issue gets settled*


Friday, September 15, 2006

Jesus Christ --The Musical!!!

so our access is still pretty screwed up, but someone emailed me this and i just couldn't help myself. i just HAD to post this...it's too hilarious! i nearly threw up in my mouth. *belch*

BoomBoom still out, but will be back soon...

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Thursday, September 14, 2006

BoomBoom out...indefinitely


we've been having MAJOR technical problems with our ISP, our servers, our computers....EVERYTHING for crying out loud!!!! so there's a big chance i won't be able to upload any photos for the next two weeks or so. coz we have to go to Cyberscape just to update for

Sneaker Fever.

so the entries for the next weeks or so would probably be backdated, but rest assured (this is TT-talk hehe) we'll do our best to update regularly despite the "technical difficulties" (hehe...another TT-talk for ya). ;)

for sneaker collectors out there who'd wanna brag bout their babies, please email:

and for my "fans" *muwahahahahahhaha*, you know you have to just email me at: belchboy@gmail.com. and don't you email me asking money coz i'm currently BROKE AS HELL. hahahahhahah!!!!

(dude, believe me. there ARE psychos out there asking for some dough that i don't even have!!!)